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After finishing my second music postgraduate degree at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, I felt strongly attracted to the idea of pursuing a PhD in order to establish a deeper relationship with the ‘non- practical’ aspect of music.


I faced the questions, ‘should I pursue a PhD in performance? In Musicology? In Music Education? In which University, under which supervisor?' Reflecting on those questions and their possible answers, I realized that I was not comfortable at all with the way music had been taught to me and that I had not done anything to change that situation. I realized I was taught that the best way to learn to do my ‘job’ effectively was to learn each part of my subject separately, with experts of each specific area and with specific methods designed for each section of my professional field. I also realized that my colleagues and me face diverse situations outside our training environment that we cannot confidently and efficiently manage, despite our preparation, no matter the academic degree.


With the support of the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), I decided to pursue a PhD in Music Education-Musicology at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität Munich to explore alternative ways of learning/teaching/performing and problem-solving.



The enriching experience of my PhD research allowed me to clearly see the indissoluble connection within the vast variety of activities of my professional field. Combining my findings with my previous and current professional experience I am now able to understand the way in which the diverse parts of my daily professional activity are articulated and interact with each other.


My multicultural experience as performer, teacher and researcher provide me with invaluable conscious and unconscious skills and knowledge both in the artistic area and in the intercultural personal management area: using them from a holistic perspective offers me a powerful tool to finally face successfully the wide spectrum of situations that my professional activity demands. I could also confirm that those issues, which I had been exploring for a long time, can be extrapolated to other professional practices.


Maybe you are wondering how musical practices and issues, -such as Informal learning, Jam Session, Improvisation, Conducting, Composition and Interpretation, Stage fright (lampenfiber), Community Music, Internal and external Focus, Flow, conscious mental control, Classical, Jazz, World Music or Rock-Pop- may help you to response efficiently and confidently to the different and varied situations one faces in the business area whether being part of a company or working as a freelancer. Allow me to show you the strong relation between musical aspects and issues regarding the business management.



My interest to collaborate with professionals from diverse areas in order to have an enriching interchange, that help us to go further in our respective spheres, led me to take part in symposiums like Simposio de Becarios CONACyT en Europa at ville de Strasbourg et le Parlement Européen and International Symposium on Community Music at Ludwigs Maximilians Universtiät; and to give keynote speeches, lectures, workshops, master classes, and speeches at universities such as Conservatory of Music José Guadalupe Velázquez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil. An exciting part of that interchange is the collaboration with colleagues from the business area. Through the following formats one can discover how business management issues and musical issues are related, acquiring the necessary tools to face any professional, and even, personal situation: Keynote Speech (from 20 min to 60 min), Workshops (hourly and full day) and Individual Masterclasses (from 1 to 3 hrs.)


Please feel free to contact me to discuss the different possibilities to work together, I will be delighted.

Contact through cooperation partner:

MANUEL BEJAR Management Coaching               

Tel. +49 89    3083946         

Mobil  +49 176  77257826

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